At Origin Software Solutions we take the approach that a successful site must be built on a solid foundation and that to achieve this, the many different systems employed in your business need to integrate cleanly and efficiently.

Only through clear, conjoined paths, will the correct data be provided at the right time to the end user.

Very few website providers have understood the importance of these links, especially in terms of the aftermarket car parts sector. With literally hundreds of thousands of products, across numerous categories, it is essential that the right part is easily discoverable and can be shown to fit the correct vehicle. Without this integration the number of returns will be high and erode the profits that you would otherwise achieve through this medium.

Such complexities aren’t confined to the aftermarket car sector however, similar issues are encountered across industry sectors and it only through using a company with true expertise in linking to ERP systems and disparate data sources that a successful end to end experience can be realised for the consumer.

We are increasing the number of systems we integrate with all the time but a few of the better known solution providers we have worked with include:

MAMSoft Autocat+

Origin Software Solutions have developed the core software to integrate seamlessly to the Autocat + offering from MAM. With this tight, back-end integration, the ability to find and subsequently purchase products on-line, becomes simple for the customer, leading to repeat business and ultimately increased revenue. The administration of the solution also becomes easier for your company as the data is fed direct from the catalogue to the web portal. With Origin Software Solutions and your MAM system, web users will have the ability to check stock and place orders onto the back office system in real-time.


There are many challenges a supplier faces when selling car parts on-line, not least of which, is ensuring the correct part is ordered. Even the most experienced professional need clarification from time to time, due to the ever changing components supplied across makes, models and years. Certain parts fit differing model and sometimes manufacturers and different brands may only suit certain vehicles. The challenge is to get the right part sent for the appropriate vehicle, not only to ensure a better experience for the customer, but also to minimise costly returns. Using a VRM look-up on your website helps this process enormously. Not just by ensuring the information is accurate, but by giving the customer more confidence in making what can sometimes seem a daunting purchase. Origin Software Solutions have built into their core software, seamless integration to allow for VRM look-ups within their supplied web portals.


Origin Software Solutions can use CarweB’s Vehicle Registration Lookup Service to allow customers to enter their vehicle’s registration and be offered the products that fit their vehicle.


With the ability to take debit and credit card payments, together with the simplicity of its use, Paypal is becoming an essential requirement of on-line retail solutions. Origin Software Solutions recommend the provision of this payment gateway as a standard offering for the majority of sites that have a retail offering and have made the integration as simple as possible.

Google Shopping

Shopping feeds are now accepted as an essential part of any on-line digital marketing strategy. Ensuring your offerings are seen by as many potential customers as possible is key. To this end, “search and you will find”, has never been more relevant. By providing seamless links to Google shopping, our solutions provide maximum visibility to potential customers.

Kerridge K8

The K8 software from Kerridge is widely regarded as one of the most feature rich ERP solutions in the market. Integrating the solution into your website however, requires extensive knowledge of the solution itself, in order to maximise the potential of the benefits available on-line. At Origin Software Solutions, we have a number of clients using the K8 solution and with our Technical Director, having previously worked at Kerridge building K8, have an unrivalled understanding, of building seamless, connected web portals, that will work for both you and your customers.


A leading player in the provider of car parts data, TecDoc can appear daunting to web developers who have not come across it before. Origin Software Solutions have extensive knowledge of the way the data is presented and how it needs to integrate into an on-line web portal. Whether you are looking for a B2B or B2C solution, the back-end integration needs to water-tight, in order to ensure the data is shown is accurate and your customers can access the information they need, in a timely manner. Our developers have worked with a number of TecDoc customers, bringing to market and working closely with TecDoc have provided numerous websites to leading players in the car parts industry.


For an Online Payment Solution that is geared towards small to medium sized businesses, you’d need look no further than SagePay. SagePay offers reliable and secure payments to be placed online, directly linking into Sage back office systems as well as others.


Whether Sage 50, Sage 200 or above, Origin Software Solutions can seamlessly integrate into these systems, so as soon as orders are placed on the web, they are ready to be processed on the back office system.

Feefo Reviews

Whether good or bad, reviews have become an essential part of the customers on-line shopping experience.